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Sep 16, 2004
Some more on Sravanabelagola !!

Thats us on the rocks !!!

Thats me caught on camera with Prabal's Camera !!! 

For non human snaps.... you can click here !!!

Posted at 04:22 am by pallavi
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Sravanabelagola !!

Walking up the steps

The little one, Krishang climbed all of the 700 steps !!! GAWK !!! he refused to take help or wait for for than 2 seconds.... SIGH ... 


See him go !!! WHOA mama !!!

thats us !! on the highway !!

Posted at 04:17 am by pallavi
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Sep 15, 2004
Me and Silverline

Thats me while driving in my jeep through the Tibetian Settlement in Bylekuppe...

Posted at 03:30 am by pallavi
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Aug 15, 2004
Independence Day Ride !! 15th August 2004

Following are the snaps clicked by me on Vijay's Camera...  We did an Independence Day ride on 15th Of August. Here are a few snapshots...

There you see us .. riding across Mekri Circle !!!!

There we go down MG Road !! We caught a lot of eyes... specially the Bullet with 5 headlights.. god knows what he is going to do with those lights !!

Thats us passing through MG Road... We took a short break here ...

Richmond Road.. after the circle... We stopped here to have some sugarcane juice !!

Thats passing By Vidhana Soudha !! Can you see the rain clouds chasing us ... ah the bullet with the multiple headlights seems like a flower..

We are back at MG road again... some more snapshots have been taken ... will update as I get it !!!

Posted at 02:57 am by pallavi
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Aug 12, 2004
Shots of one of the Blog Meets

This was long time due so am putting it up ... sorry for the delay guys !!

Thats the gang in Barista !! I missed MMN... here..  Vighy graced us with his presence from Mumbai !!  Maddie, Srikanth, Koushik, Mridul, Noufal, Vipin, Vighy, Shashank..

 The Calicut gang, Aaditya, Vipin, Noufal, Mridul ( the only one without the long hair) Koushik.

Thats Me, Maddie, Vighy at Angithis !!

Caught before hogging !!! I thought it was a pretty decent shot of both !! hehe !!

Posted at 12:23 am by pallavi
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Jul 9, 2004
Kannur - Calicut

Started from Bangalore one Friday Evening.. breaked at Hassan and then continued on to Kannur

This is in Coorg on the way to Kannur.. we are taking a break.. Carl , the dog is as usual freaking out ...

Just as we were coming down the ghats.. we came across this lake which was absolutely paradise.. a still lake if you ever saw one,,,

Thats us and Carl In Hotel Savoy in Kannur. This place is a nice place to stay...Rooms are cheap and food is good..  beaches are also nearby.. 

Thats Payambalam beach not far from the hotel.. it was nice to walk the dog here..

I found this shot absolutely adorable.. LOL.. Cral reflecting on his doggy thoughts and framed in posterity !!!

This is the sunset from the Mascot Beach House in Kannur where we stayed... if you dont mind spending money.. you could stay here.. the tarrifs start from 850/- per night.. but food is real cheap... and the view is spectacular... we were put up here by a friend whose wedding we had gone to attend .. there in the second snap shot you see rain clouds covering the horizon !!

Posted at 04:40 am by pallavi
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Jul 7, 2004
Bangalore to Pondicherry April 24th And 25th 2004

here are some shots of our ride to Pondicherry

The second snap was taken in the Hosur Road Flyover and the first one is on Krishnagiri on our way to Pondi.

Here starts the Tamarind Highway away we go and then there we just taking a break

A nice landscape passing by Rajgiri fort...

In Pondicherry... Chilling out in the park

The beach resort where we stayed.. here is a sample .. we stayed in the shacks however.. theres Rocls and one of the Madras Bulls while coming back from morning tea

On our way back... the first is the snapshot of Gingee fort.. the second is when we were coming out of the resort...

the photos are slightly in the reverse order.. heheh !!!

Posted at 12:01 am by pallavi
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Apr 22, 2004
Memories from Coorg

These photos are from my trip to Coorg....

Here we are on our way to Coorg we have almost reached Hassan and took some time to bask in the sun...

The first one is at the Namdroling Monastery Gates and the next one is inside the monastery. Absolutely peaceful ambiance and one could just sit in front of the statues for a long time letting life pass by... without any worries..

We arrived next at Nisarghadhama.  Here we are walking through the bamboo grooves and the next one is at the hanging bridge which you have to cross to come to this island.

 This is the Wayanad forest we drove through...  Its a 20 kms stretch of forest where you can spot a lot of animals. The second pic is the watering hole where all the animals come to socialise and quench their thirst.. :)

Dubare Elephant Training Camp where you can take elephant rides at your leisure .. Of course there are timings. During monsoon when there is enough water rushing by you can also do white water rafting here... The second pic is where we got to meet Durga Parmeshawari .

As we returned from Dubare the sun was going down slowly and we could not help take advantage of the time of the day... The elephant there is getting ready for rides .. thought it would be a good shot for the camera.

As we reached Valnoor the sun was setting and we also met people who had been fishing for the whole day.

Thats the Baruas at the trying to climb up 360 steps to the top of the hill at Talacauvery.  The other one is at Bhagamandala, where you get to see the confluence of three rivers, Kaveri, Kunnike and Sujyothi.

This was taken in Harini's estate where we stayed. The peppers are being dried here in the sun.  A last shot before we leave..

Harini's dogs who became great friends with us.. did not feel like saying goodbye to them.. hope to see them again...

Posted at 12:28 am by pallavi
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Some of the Bangalore Habba snaps

Here are a few Habba snaps... the Bangalore Habba...

This is the third day's show in Palace ground . Here you can see a group of Indian percussionists... doing their magic...

There you can see Shankar Mahadevan singing Pretty Woman for the audience...

Another one of Shankar Ehsan and Loy

Shankar, Ehsan And Loy... doing their magic... loved their music.. we were up right in the front seats !!

Posted at 12:26 am by pallavi
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Feb 20, 2004
Wayanad, Kerela

These are some of the shots captured on our monsoon ride to Wayanad

Posted at 03:31 am by pallavi
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